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How To Help Kids Feel More Comfortable In The Dentist Chair


How To Help Kids Feel More Comfortable In The Dentist Chair

At Newmarket Dental Health, we understand that finding the best dentist in Newmarket to bring your kids to can be difficult. Taking your children to the dentist is necessary, not only for their health but also for them to learn good oral hygiene habits. For some children, a trip to the dentist can be scary. Here are three tips you can use to help your youngsters feel more comfortable in the dentist's chair:

Start young: The earlier your children visit the dentist, the better. This will provide your children with a sense of familiarity each time they visit the dentist. We recommend starting visits when your child's first tooth is visible.

Watch your words: Don't use negative vocabulary when you're discussing the dentist with your children. Words like pain, needle, shot, hurt, etc. can give your children anxiety about their visit. A great way to prepare your children for the dentist is to tell them that the dentist will be checking their smiles and counting their teeth.

Lead by example: To eliminate any reservations your children may have about visiting the dentist, show them that there is nothing to worry about by regularly seeing a dentist yourself. You can even bring your children to your appointments with you so they can see that there is nothing scary about a trip to the dentist.

If you're looking for an excellent children's dentist in Newmarket, visit Newmarket Dental Health. We offer a wide range of dental services including cleaning, fillings, extractions, laser surgery, x-rays, and more. Choose Newmarket Dental Health to be your family dentist in

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